We are thrilled to introduce our newest team members, Jenn and Maggie II. Jenn is a social worker with Calgary Diversion Services. She had this to say about her experience with Maggie II as a partner so far!

“Maggie isn’t just any dog- she’s a soothing presence for young people during assessments. Her gentle demeanour helps calm nerves, providing a comforting way for clients to ground themselves. Whether it’s a wag of her tail, a gentle nudge, or her resting her head in youth’s laps, Maggie plays a vital role in building therapeutic rapport. Her calming presence and gentle spirit make a world of difference.”

Jenn would like to extend her heartfelt gratitude to the incredible community of raisers, sitters, staff, donors, and sponsors. Your generosity, hard work, time, and dedication have been instrumental in Maggie’s training and success. Thank you for making this possible.

Join us in welcoming Team Maggie II!