Maggie bounds with enthusiasm when practicing her skills, followed by giving the best snuggles while relaxing.

The first half of the month was busy with regular stops at the mall, visits with small children, walks through several parks and meet-ups with other PADS pups to practice dog distraction.

Maggie honoured our Veterans as she joined in the community walk to the White Rock Cenotaph on Remembrance Day. Being around smaller dogs often arouses Maggie’s level of excitement. However, she kept her cool and was able to be on her best behaviour when a friend’s Chihuahua cross came to stay for a couple of days (and she enjoyed snoozing on his tiny bed).

The latter half of the month was much quieter with the start of her second heat cycle—although we weren’t out & about, Maggie enjoyed indoor games and neighbourhood strolls. She is such a joy to watch as she builds on her skills.

Submitted by: Sandi Chapman