This month has been a ton of fun for Maggie II! She got to take her skills on the road and spend a week training in Edmonton. She has started to put together the complete picture of alerting for sounds and continuing to build a drive for sounds. She is a smart girl who tries hard to impress her trainer. When she isn’t working, Maggie LOVES to run off-leash with her friends. But she also LOVES curling up next to her people and having a good cuddle.

  • Skills Being Learned: Finding timer sound shell game, capping skills to help arousal, learning new sounds. 
  • Recent Field Trips: Lowes, Homes Alive Pets
  • Possible Behaviour Challenges: Impulsive
  • Advanced Training Location: Calgary, AB

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Advanced Dog Maggie II! 

Submitted by: Evelyn, Instructors Assistant