This month, Mango II was welcomed into Advanced Training! Mango was thrilled to come onto campus! He loves playing endlessly with all his friends when it is playtime. Even though he is absolutely delighted being around all his new friends, he prefers to spread out in his own kennel run.

In the past few weeks, with co-operative care, we saw improvement with Mango II receiving eye drops. He has been working on building neutrality when other dogs are around while on walks, stationing, or being in the same room as him by playing DMT games or having him settle on a dog bed with a treat n’ train to help reinforce settling and calmness. Mango II has a solid foundation of commands and is very keen on working! He has been working closely with a power chair at school and outside of school!

Congratulations Mango II! We are beyond thrilled to be able to work with you.

Thank you for all your support of Advanced Dog Mango II!

Advanced training location: West Coast 

Submitted by: Leurie, Kennel Coordinator