I turned 1 this month. I am a bigger and calmer boy now. I had lots of exciting trips to school, a soccer field, stores, and a therapist. My favourite is school because everyone there will say I am a good boy.  I can also have a handful of chopped apples like the school kids, and that makes me really happy.

I tried to stay away from paper and books because if I do that, they might think I am not well educated. I have to say it is really hard. There are paper and books almost everywhere at school. Luckily, I’ll get used to it since I am young.

The most impressive thing I did is that I am not so distracted by dog friends. I still love them. But I learned to listen so that I am safe.

I really loves stuffy toys. They are fuzzy, soft, and fun. I wish I could get to play for a longer time. When I start to rip and tear, it will be taken away. Then I only get to chew bones.

Submitted by: Jenny