Mango had an away vacation in July. He was busy, brave, and happy at sitters. When he was back home, he showed us his great house manner. We were amazed. He waited patiently for his food. Even he was really interested in our dinner table, he was down quietly. We just can tell that he had wonderful sitters experiences. He went to happy hour, cafe, restaurant, parties, and so many places with sitters.

Mango loves stream. July was hot. He was not comfortable in the water at the beginning. Now he can walk confidently in the river. He went to Cate Park as well. It was funny that he was cautious of the ocean wave. He prefers quiet ocean. when wave comes, he would quickly get up to the shore and shake the water off. Of course, he loves to eat kibbles under the mist. He usually gets cool mist shower in the hot afternoon.

Submitted by: Jenny Jin