My man person, “Perry, The Human” (not PADS pup Perry!), picked me up from Allison’s on January 4th. Allison sat me over Christmas, but she didn’t take me to Christmas dinner b/c apparently I am not a good “party animal” right now – or I am “too good of a party animal”. I forget. Anyway, she treated me well, and she celebrated Christmas dinner with me when she came home. Allison is a nice person; she knows just how to treat me and teach me. Her place is super great also; it’s cozy, and she has a crate and bed that are just the right size. But I think she’s had lots of dogs like me in her place because “ my” bed smelled a tiny bit like other PADS pups had stayed there, too, but the dog bed was just the perfect size – nice and big – so I think she had especially me in mind when she got it. Because Med says I’m “too big”- I’m only 53 lbs. The problem is the kibble goes straight to my hips…sigh. I’m a svelte 21” around the waist, and Chuck Person says, “I wear the cape well.”

I love my broccoli, carrots and cauliflower, but I especially like the frozen broccoli and fresh cucumber slices. Not so keen on apples and pears. So that should help me skinny up.

With Allison I got to walk around Olympic Village and area – very ooo la la.

Some other very nice people sat me as well- they said I was well-behaved and liked to explore all the new toys. I also got to see Chelsea over Christmas! Best present e v e r. Also, Chelsea says I’m just like Fred was .. and he just got a job!!!

I am so excited for the weeks to come. I just keep getting better and better!!!! I think my mom’s birthday is in a couple of weeks – Valentine’s Day – sending her my licks and snuggles. I love her so much. One day, I hope to visit her again.

It SNOWED one day!!! My boy peep Ryder was home from school for two whole days!!! After playing with Ryder in the yard on the first snow day, I went to Sowden Park. There were a hundred million – or at least 10- other dogs there. I played so much and didn’t get in trouble with any of the other dogs, so I guess I’ve learned how to play nice. Mostly, I played submissive, and sometimes, I played chase and run over the other dog, and sometimes, I got chased and run over, and sometimes, I got chased AND chased, too! What a fantastic time – the BEST play date in my whole life. I met a dog called Apple from Iran; her owner said she was a Pomeranian with very red hair. I was gentle with her even though she barked at me, and I played with her a little but very carefully because she was so tiny. By Chuck Peep called for me when I was running up to her – I think maybe Chuck-Peep was worried I might squash her because I like to throw myself at everyone.

I look forward to seeing all the neighbour dogs again on the next snow day!


PADS Mara 2 – MWDITW ( most wonderful dog in the world)

Submitted by: Charly Flesher