Well, I had QUITE a month! For starters, I had always been reluctant to climb long flights of open stairs like the ones at a favourite park of ours in North Vancouver. My human dad (known to PADS as Perry the Human, as opposed to Perry the Pup!) couldn’t convince me to climb them. So it fell to my HS (human sibling Ryder) to show me it was both safe and a good workout .. now I do it regularly!

The other big news was on the 13th when I got handed over to two EXPERT sitters Mikal and Alec; they kept me until the 24th, and did I learn a LOT! I soon figured out, that I couldn’t fool them and had better learn to “fly straight”! Though I always kennel fine at home, I was reluctant at their place at first, but we got that figured out in just a couple of days. I also had some reluctance to walk on their shiny bathroom floor tile, but I got the hang of it. They said I did pretty well at obeying “drop it” when I picked up stuff outside. They sure knew how to walk with me in the way PADS wants. I even heard them say they would consider having me over again for a play date!

Submitted by: Perry Edwards