Well, September started out a bit poignant as I had to see my “bro” off to Grade 7 after all the fun we had over the summer. Oh well, there are still weekends and “ProD days”, whatever those are.

Mom Charly is really working hard on my training; I’m not a big fan of “loose leash” walks yet .. maybe I shouldn’t be watching sled dog races on Animal Planet? I’m trying to behave better in puppy class, but sometimes a girl just has to stir things up y’know? Fun Dad likes taking me on his bird photography trips to places like Boundary Bay and Pitt Lake. No idea why anybody would want to spend so much time looking at birds, but I like getting out in the country. My bro tells me he can’t wait for something called “snow”; he thinks I’ll really have fun with it.

Submitted by: Perry Edwards