Marsh’s September Memories

This month has been quite a whirlwind. I left my family and am now being raised by two different people with two very different lifestyles. Laura takes me to school with her and I have a bed and toys in her office. I get to sleep, watch and people pop in to say hello. At break time the children come over and ask questions and if I’m good sometimes the children will pat me on the head. The other days I go to the other family and practice my obedience and cues. There’s a big garden to explore and 2 cats to ignore. Some of the places I’ve been to are a number of different shops, and a pumpkin farm, we visited Granny in an old people’s home and I went for some short trail walks. But the highlight of this month is that I attended three, yes three, Terry Fox Runs at 3 different schools. The kids were all laughing and chatting as they ran by.

PADS had a press conference too and I was invited to attend. My friends were there so it was hard to keep still but I saw myself on TV and that was very exciting. I’m settling in now and am looking forward to more adventures next month.

Submitted by: Jo and Laura