May marked the second full month of doing our part to flatten the curve. I have been staying home and out of vest, but I still wear my vest around the house so that I am ready for when we get the all clear and can start heading out into the public again. My raisers have insisted that I stay up-to-date on all the latest cues. Admittedly, “bed” is my favourite, although, sometimes I accidently start snoring when I am practicing bed duration.

I am still getting out for daily neighbourhood walks where I practice skills like, “jump on”, “perch”, loose leash walking, and of course I always take time to check in at the fairy doors. I have also been riding in my royal chariot which tall raiser pulls on his two-wheel machine. Don’t tell my PADS trainer but I usually sleep through the puppy classes on the computater. My raisers said it is okay to sleep during class because it shows that I am good at settling.

Stay healthy and be kind.

Paw paw for now.
xo @padsempress

Submitted By: Tall and Loud Raisers