This month, Melon has spent some time perfecting his movement skills and foundations and has started to learn some fun stuff! The training team selected to focus on training Melon as a potential AFD (Accredited Facility Dog) due to his beautiful disposition and love for socializing with all types of people. He has shown that he isn’t worried about big emotions, which makes him the perfect candidate for this career. Exciting! Now that he has decided on a career, we will start working on some skills that fit into that role and make people smile. He is such a nice guy, and we are super excited to see what his future holds!

  • Skills being Learned: Nose targeting, body targeting, movement skills, general obedience
  • Recent Field Trips: St Albert Mall, Chapters, dog park
  • Possible Behaviour Challenges: Motivated by other dogs
  • Advanced Training Location: Calgary

We’re so grateful for your ongoing support of Advanced Dog Melon!

Submitted by: Amy, Advanced Trainer