This month hooman upgraded my title from just being a puppy in training to adding a mentor to my title. We had the pleasure of hosting not one but two new PADS puppies in our home until their raisers were ready to take on the task. Much of that time was spent working on duration cues and learning that I don’t need to be the center of attention every second of the day. That is super hard for me as hooman calls me a velcro dog.

The end of August also marked the end of summer camps with the tiny hoomans for hooman. I heard this means September; I get invited back to work with hooman in the community. Hooman took a new position at work, so we will be taking small steps to ensure things are not too overwhelming for me and the medium-sized hoomans we will be working with.

It was an exciting step in my raising journey as I had my big girl test, the GDBART assessment, with the PADS trainers. Apparently, it was a test, but I had a blast as it showed the PADS peeps a little more about me and my progress away from the comfort of my hoomans. We shall wait and see what they think about all my scores, and hopefully, it means I am 1 more step closure to getting accepted into puppy University at PADS.

Submitted by: Emily