We are one month into our summer vacation and I am loving every minute of my down time. As my main hooman is busy running summer camps with the kiddos, I am busy at home polishing up on my skills and working on some much needed kennel time alone. While it is important that I work well with my raisers as a working dog it is also important to have down time. Turning off and focusing on recharging my engine is something I struggle with so as the summer continues I will be working on more kennelling and turning off time.

To cap off July the hooman brought me home a little PADS mentee named Sheen. I made sure to show him all my big girl PADS skills and house manners while Sheen was staying with me. The hoomans learned a lot about me and it was a good reminder that even though I look mature, I am very much a puppy at heart needing to work on staying in the green zone.

Submitted by: Emily