Beep, Beep, Mercedes here! I’m the newest model hot off the PADS lot. I come with all the latest features:
-Auto-park: I see a spot, and I’ll park my bum regardless of hooman and I reached our destination
-A killer horn: if I disagree with the rules of the road, I let those hoomans know
-Fast charging: When I recharge my batteries for a power nap, I’ll be back on the road in no time
-Key-less activation: no need to come to me. When I’m ready to hit the road, my engine will be turning on

Jokes aside, I’ve been with hooman for just over a week. And I showed her how well I manage going to work with her. She is in awe of my ability to turn off, and she can remain productive. I met my housemate, Eeyore, and I am slowly learning her boundaries and puppy manners. Keep following my journey on the road to changing lives with my raiser hooman.

Submitted by: Emily