With school officially wrapped up and work slowing down, hooman and I took a trip to Vancouver Island exploring the east coast. On one of the stops, hooman said we were going to see Comox but instead of it being my brother it was the place he was named after. While we still worked on training and my puppy foundations it was time for me to work on my loose leash walking and house manners as we stayed in different Airbnbs. We found many beautiful trails and took in a couple of waterfalls while we had the time. As we were enjoying our vacation and being on ‘island time’ I decided that it was time for me to go into heat. For a dog that is learning to work this means, I lose my public access and need some time to take a break. As I can’t come to work with hooman or go to any of her commitments I am going to be spending some time with other members of the PADS village that will take care of me.

Submitted by: Emily