Nothing crazy has happened since I last updated you all. In true “Raincover” fashion, the days have been dark, gloomy, and rainy. To avoid the cold wet days the hooman and I have focused more on indoor training rather than outdoor walks. It is good to practice exercising my brain with mental games as much as my body with physical activity.

The switch for indoor training came at the perfect time as the hooman says we have let some things slip. I don’t have the best default leave-it and therefore it is super important to practice this skill for my safety. Something about eating socks is apparently not normal.

When I am staying out of trouble I am doing lots of things right. I continue to show my hooman that I have a really good loose leash walk and am always eager to learn new things. Apparently, I am picking up my new skills so quickly that I forget to focus on the basic mechanics. That is why this month we also stripped back some of my basic cues, like sit and stand, back to luring and offered stages to be more successful. Apparently, next month is going to be filled with fun adventures and new experiences so I can’t wait to update you soon!

Submitted by: Emily