Somehow this month had more summer weather so we spent tons of time outside like nice long days at local parks or the pumpkin patch. I helped pick out a pumpkin but was disappointed to learn that it was not for eating but for carving. How silly are hoomans wasting delicious pumpkin?

After getting over the newfound pumpkin knowledge we continued to work on the many cues in my library. Sometimes I forget what is being asked of me so I offer everything I know. Hooman says that means we need to take a step back and be thoughtful in our training intentions.

During an in-person field trip, Hooman realized that I was a little too close to my threshold and that we need to practice working around other dogs in public. Hopefully, by my next field trip, I will be able to remain in the green zone more.

Speaking of the green zone, I dressed as a traffic light for Halloween! Beep, Beep, no red lights gonna stop this car from this journey to success!!

Submitted by: Emily