If you want to know where the party is, just look for Moriah, or as Miranda likes to call her, Mo-RIOT! Moriah is having a blast in advanced training. Miranda has not yet found anything she doesn’t like. She enjoys playing with friends, she likes training for snacks, and she loves it when a timer goes off because she gets to come running! She is a versatile and sweet girl who is a real credit to her raisers and the amazing foundation training they have put on her.

  • Skills being learned: Alerts for sounds, Loose Leash Walking, husbandry
  • Recent field trips: Family Fun Day, Marlborough Mall, Petland
  • Possible behavior challenges: high prey drive, motivated by sights and sounds in her environment
  • Advanced training location: Calgary

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Moriah!

Submitted by: Miranda, Apprentice Instructor