Hello everyone, I have had a busy month in May. I have been going out to public places with my raisers to practice my current skills. This includes the garden centre, several Winners stores and a pet store to buy some dog toys. The pet store was very hard for me, as I love to sniff everything….it smells so good! I also had my GDBart assessment for Breeding Selection this month. I was very excited to be at our training centre again, and the tests were fun to do. My raiser said I was awesome and showed everyone what a great personality I have!

I like to learn new skills, so this month I have been working on the duration of a stand, sit and down. I find this very hard to do in busy places, as I love to greet people and say ‘Hi.’ My raiser is helping me practice duration sit/lie down. For example, in a store, I spend time watching people enter and exit the store. It is hard work, but I am up for the challenge.

Stay safe and take care everyone!

Submitted by: Viviane, Andrew and Julia Carroll