Moriah is looking forward to the summer season! She has been spending her time keeping her hearing dog skills sharp – and she sure is on point! She will leave playing or run from another floor of the house to warn her sitters, Gloria or Linda, that the smoke detector is going off, which impresses everyone. When she’s not working on her hearing alerts, she keeps her public access skills, like cooperative grooming and polite greetings, ready for test day and her eventual placement with a client.

  • Skills being learned: Doorbell alerts, alerting in on beds and couches, timer, fire alarm, phone ringing, keys dropped
  • Recent field trips: sitter’s workplace, puppy class
  • Possible behavior challenges: high prey drive, motivated by sights and sounds in her environment
  • Advanced training location: Calgary

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Moriah!

Submitted by: Miranda, Advanced Trainer & Assessment Coordinator