Now that it is November, I have become accustomed to going to work with my raiser.  We are starting to work on going to other places to check out the surroundings.  I still have a hard time concentrating in new places (i.e. the mall, new walking trails) as I get really excited and there are lots of new smells that distract me.  I am working hard at trying to stay focused on following directions from my raiser.

I was able to go to Fernie, BC for a long weekend and enjoyed going on long walks with my family.  I worked on my recall skills and did fairly well; there was only one time that I did not come back right away when called by my mom, oops!

Some of the other skills I am working on, apart from loose leash walking and recall, are duration of my sit, stand and down. 

Stay safe everyone and I hope you and your family have a festive winter break.  Cheers!  (from Moriah, Vivianne, Andrew, Julia, Victoria and (released PADS dog) Rocket Carroll)

Submitted By: Vivianne & Andrew Carroll