Hi everyone, Moriah reporting! I have been going out on more adventures this month, including going to my Dad’s place of work. It is a very quiet office and I spent most of my day relaxing on my bed. I have also been on several field trips this month, including the bank, coffee with my mom’s friends (boy can they talk for hours), the mall and the vet with my cat brother Snowy. I did get to spend a few days with some sitters, which is also good practice for me to work with other raisers.

Skills that I am currently working on include, duration of my down in public places. I am getting much better at this! Loose leash walking is still a challenge for me as I like to chase rabbits and my mom says I have really good eyesight and pick out the rabbit before her except when the rock looks like a rabbit!

Submitted by: Viv, Andrew and Julia Carroll