The month of October brought the first snowfall to Calgary and I enjoyed doing zoomies through the snow in our backyard! I continue to go to work with my mom and have been told that I am really settling into the routine of our day at Eric Harvie School. Sometimes when the students walk by I have to wait, this is very hard for me as I really want to go play with them. Mom says my duration for sit and down are getting better and gives me a high reward treat such as a milk bone when I listen and follow directions!

I was also able to go to some training sessions this month, some were outside in the park with Heather our trainer. I do get distracted by the other dogs, but Heather gave my mom and dad some good tips on how to redirect me back to work. Also I had a training session for the first time at the training centre, I was so activated and excited that I had a hard time concentrating. My mom said that is OK as I am learning! Take care and stay safe everyone.

Submitted by: Vivianne, Andrew and Julia Carroll