Morley had a wonderful and busy month. He has become best friends with PADS Teddy II and they can often be found sharing a bed or chewing on the same bone. We went to watch the local RCMP play the town Fire Department in hockey. Morley was unfazed by the people, mascots or music but did struggle to settle. We have been working on this but he just wants to work all the time and finds staying still quite boring. We went to Canadian Tire a couple of times and he did great.

Training-wise, we have been working on adding challenges to ‘heel’ including having to go around a cone. To help with settling, I have begun working on the duration of his sit and down. While this is VERY boring for him, he is making progress and is realizing there is a time to offer behaviours. We continue to work on moving away from food toward a perch pot and cone wrapping. I adore training this little pup!

Submitted by: Stephanie