This month, Morley took his settling skills on the road and attended career day at a high school. While he did not find my talk on veterinary medicine very exciting, he loved the opportunity to visit the students afterwards.

Morley continues to love all things training. He has continued to work on ‘side’ and ‘stand’ and is becoming fluent in moving between different positions without trying to guess what will come next. I have introduced rear foot targeting, and this has quickly become one of his favourite activities. We continue to work on duration and having myself or another dog move around him while he is in a sit, down or stand.

We have ventured to the river, and much like his predecessors, it seems that Morley is not a water dog. He is content to get his toes wet, but that is as far as he will go. Time will tell if this will change throughout the summer.

Towards the end of the month, Morley relinquished his title of youngest PADS dog as we welcomed PADS Shah into the home. Morley is learning how to temper his play style to be more appropriate for a puppy. Thankfully, PADS Teddy is always game for a rough-and-tumble play session.

Submitted by: Stephanie