Hey, it’s me, Nat. This month went by so fast for me. I did lots of things like going on walks, visiting people who had cats that did not want to play with me, and I got to go to some stores too. I went to Home Depot, and my raisers were so proud of me because we were in the rental place, and people were walking around me, and I didn’t even get up or move. They even had some big machines go by me, and I ignored them. I love going to the beach but not in the water. Still too cold for my feet. I am meeting so many other dogs too. I also get to run around without my leash sometimes. I really like doing that. I am so good at coming back to my hoomans too. I am still learning a lot more stuff too. I love learning new things and getting fed to do it. My favourite thing to do is get on a stool or even a big rock with my front paws. I get so much attention when I do that. I’m growing so much that my hoomans had to get me a new collar. Oh, and now I am old enough to have a license. Not for driving, but for just being a dog. Here are some pictures of me.

Submitted by: Monika Dunphy