Nat is come a long way in the 2 weeks we’ve had her. She started out with a tummy virus but soon got over it. Anything we introduce to her she seems so comfortable with. She seems to like trying new things from stepping in a puddle to going in the snow. Loud noises don’t affect her much except on New Year’s Eve when she heard fireworks. She seemed startled but I think that’s because she didn’t know where it was coming from or got to see anything. She has been on a few outings & has done well. She’s also been very good when we have taken her to family events over the Xmas season. She is getting better at potty training although still having some accidents inside the house. She also loves to bite and has her bewitching hour usually around the middle of the afternoon. She is a very loving and sweet pup who learns quick when trying new things.

Submitted by: Monika Dunphy