So this month started out a bit slow, but it sure got busy. Cold too. I was so happy that we got snow. I love to play in the snow and put my face in it too.

I went to a lot of places this month. The mall, grocery stores and even some craft fairs. Some places were so busy with lots of people. I am so lucky that no one tried to pet me. I also notice that a lot of kids are very smart, and they sure know about PADS, so they don’t try to touch me. I also went to a Xmas party and my friend was there too. We stayed mostly downstairs because there were so many people, and my friend felt better away from them, so I stayed with her to keep her company & play.

I got to visit with Santa Claus too. I had my picture taken so many times with the Christmas tree. I went and saw lots of lights on our walk around Lafarge lake, and guess what? I got a special treat too. A pup cone. That was so yummy.

I went on a suspension bridge. That was a bit weird at first, as I had to walk differently on it. I got to see more lights, too, and they were so cool. I had a couple of classes that were not on camera, which I prefer. One was at a very large hockey/skating rink, and the other was in a parking lot which was nice and warm because there was snow outside and it was cold. Those classes are fun because I get to see other dogs that look just like me.

Wow, I am exhausted just talking about December.

Submitted by: Monika Dunphy