So February was a quiet month for me. I have been in heat this month, and I cannot go anywhere where there are other dogs, especially males. I also have to be careful around where I live because there are coyotes around. My raiser only took me out during the day for short walks. This way, I got to stretch my legs and get some fresh air. I just can’t go to any public places with my jacket on. I can’t even go to the classes where I would see my friends. I really miss that. We also did some extra training to keep me busy while I was stuck mostly inside the house.

As you will see in the picture, I did some training with a box and loud plastic stuff with kibble. I had fun and really got used to the weird noise and of course, the box. My raisers like to get me used to different boxes & stuff that comes in them so I won’t be scared.

I visited the Vet to give blood and also get my booster shots. And I had to take some liquid stuff to make sure I don’t get worms. I got to go to Douglas College Vet Exam Practice a couple of times. That was fun and exciting for me. Anyways, this was a short story here. Hope you enjoyed reading it. Sorry to be so boring this month. Hahahaha.

Submitted by: Murray Dunphy