Hi, I am Nat. I have been with my Hoomans, Monika & Murray Dunphy for a little while now. About 6 weeks now, and they have taught me so much. I love trying new things. My hooman works with me every day. Some stuff takes me longer to get. 

I still like to jump up when I see people, but they are trying to teach me not to. I just love people so much that I forget. I have gone to many places. Grocery shopping and the mall. Those places have so many people. I hear I am pretty good at it. They’ve taken me to parks and by the lake. It was too cold to step in the water, so I just stepped around it. I got to watch some dogs play in the dog park. Some of them are crazy about sticks. I don’t care for sticks right now. I loves leaves. I also got to walk on different things around the parks. 

Oh almost forgot. I saw a firetruck. It was parked on the road, and I got to walk up to it while it was running. Those things are noisy. I even met some firemen too. They are so nice. I also got to sit in my hooman’s kayak. That’s cool. I even put on a lifejacket. I think they are going to take me on the water soon. 

I am getting so big now… Pretty soon, I can go up and down stairs without those hoomans helping me. Bye for now. 

Submitted by: Monika Dunphy