Now, what did I do this month? So classes are in person every other week, and I like that because I get to see the other dogs & have fun training. Yes, I love to train because I also get to have treats. That’s the best part. Plus, learning new things is always the best. Right now my raisers are teaching me, “Chin rests on the ground”. I’m starting to get it. And of course, keeping up with my other training.

I’ve been going for walks to the grocery store and my friend comes over every Thursday to spend time with me and she also helps me with training. I’m learning to be calmer around her & playing well.

I went to a big mall where my raisers went for a facial/massage and I got to relax beside them. Then we walked around the mall to do more training. Even going in the elevator a few times.

I got to see what it’s like for humans to give blood. What a good thing to do. I was really good there too and it was great training for me. Everyone left me alone and no one talked to me.

We went on a nice long walk on a trail in Ft. Langley and we walked to the river. I was doing good at dog distraction which helped because we went into town after that and my raisers picked a place to sit where every dog that walked by looked at me. Some barked. One little guy came real close just so he could bark at me. I just sat there looking at all of them. My raisers kept praising me.

They even took me into a Hat store. Really, a store of hats. I’m so glad we had such a long day that day because the following day I went into Heat. Now I have to wear these awful panty things.

So the last time I went out was to PADS to get my assessment done. Guess I’ll find out soon how I did.

Submitted by: Monika Dunphy