So unlike last month, July has been such an exciting month for me. I have done a lot of things. A lot of new things. I went paddle boarding for the first time. My humans let me feel the water & get used to being on this big board. We even went out to the middle of the lake. I was so good. I also went to visit a family who got a new puppy. We played so much and I got to teach her some stuff. I also met a bigger, older dog who taught me to be calm. She was so patient with me. I learned to not jump on other dogs, especially if they don’t like it. I think I need to learn respect for those older ones because they are old. Hahahaha.

My humans had a guy come in to work on the TV & internet stuff. I was so good. Stayed in my bed when he was upstairs & got to watch what he was doing. This technician guy was so impressed with me too. Said I was one of the best behaved dogs he’s seen in a long time. When my humans take me around the Lagoon, I am getting good at just looking at other dogs, especially the old and very small ones. Oh and I started to hear some weird noises when we stop at some places. My humans say it’s the toads croaking.

It’s been so hot that my humans put a small pool outside with some water. I got to cool down & started to like water more. I like to play with the water and put my head under. We even went on a paddleboard, again, while it was so hot out. It felt so good and sometimes I fell in the water and a couple times I jumped in so I could check on my female human. Make sure she’s ok. Oh and to try out her paddleboard too. It’s not as wide as my male human’s. I have to sit at the back with hers. YUCK. I prefer the front. I also saw lots of ducks, geese, herons and even some fish. When we got home my humans said I stunk. I got a bath the next day and was good too.

This month I did a couple classes outside with some other dogs. That was fun. I prefer doing classes outside, that way I see what they do and I can do it too. There’s so many mosquitos now. Oh and guess what? I weigh 52lbs. I know that because I have to be protected from fleas and ticks.

Submitted by: Monika Dunphy