Oh I know it’s late for this month but my humans went away & forgot to update before that but here it is.

This has been a very busy month for me. We’ve been doing a lot of fun things besides my ongoing training.

I went with my dog friend, Athena on a nice hike with our families. We had so much fun. There were so many hot days and my family wanted to keep me busy and cooled off. I got to go paddleboarding a couple of times. I have to wear a jacket for that too but this one keeps me safe in the water.
My family went away for a few days so I was with a sitter. She was really nice and I had fun with her too.

Besides going for my walks, I also went to the river close to my house. So many other dogs there and people too. But I was good and stayed with my family. The water was so nice and cool and I played with some sticks. I just like to walk in the water up to my tummy because that really cools me off.

My family loves fruit, and so they took me to a berry farm. Actually, they took me to 2 different ones. On one farm they picked blueberries. I ate some from the ground. I really love blueberries, especially the frozen ones. Another farm we went to was to pick strawberries. I didn’t touch any. I was a good girl, stayed with my family and didn’t try to eat anything. I was given a couple of strawberries for being good and those were so good too. I still prefer blueberries.

I went to just 1 puppy class this month as I need to keep up with my training. Those are still fun for me because I see my friends and my sister Parker. Also, we had a BBQ for the humans & I went too. I saw so many little puppies & big dogs. I had a lot of fun there too because I also got to see my sister, Parker, again.

I am having so much fun this month. I am also running around the backyard and cooling off in the little pool too.

It’s also that time to protect me from fleas, so I had to take a pill. Not bad. K gotta go, so much more fun stuff to do.

Submitted by: Monika Dunphy