This month we’re a little late on our pupdate. 

June was a bit quieter for me. The weather wasn’t that good. I did go out a lot but nothing I haven’t done before. Well, except for going out to my PADS Campus to do some training for me to learn more and keep remembering what I already know. I got to see more pups that look just like me. Some were a different color. We got to do some cool stuff together but separately. At least we got to look at each other. I did really good too. I got my nails trimmed & even walked in the pool. It took me 5 tries and a lot of treats. I’m doing my regular weekly training, and I catch on fast. I am so good at going to the kennel now because it is so comfy and quiet. 

I am learning to sit quietly while my humans do stuff. I do also try to sit quietly when people come over. That’s very hard because I love to get attention. So far, I can be in my kennel while my humans leave for a long time. They say 2-3 hrs is my best. 

I went for a walk one day where we were on a trail. We had to turn around once because there was a lot of water, but then one of my humans decided to walk thru. I went up to my tummy and stopped. So one of my humans picked me up, and we went thru to the other side. (pic attached) That was fun. I am trying to go in the water a little more every time. This so far was my best. So as my reward, they got coffee, and I got more treats while I relaxed and watched the people and some dogs too. 

A lot of times in the evening, when it’s hot, we sit out front. I lay on the cement because it’s so nice and cool. (pic attached). 

Next month I will probably do more stuff again. 

Submitted by: Monika Dunphy