First, let me begin by telling you something I have kept secret for a little while.

I have been going to the vet for some physical & other tests. These are tests that would confirm if I am going in another direction. Well, I got the news that I will be joining the PADS Breeding program. That means I get to stay with my raisers for another couple of months. YAY!

The month started off with me having a friend stay with us. She is another PADS dog and her name is Clementine. She was here for 6 days. We had lots of fun playing together in the backyard. We were kept separated because Clementine always wanted to play & I like to rest sometimes. She is a funny dog sometimes as she likes to play with water. I was happy to have another dog around. We went for walks together and she got to see her first bear.

After Clementine left, I did a lot of other stuff like going to the mall. We practised elevator stuff and just being calm. I also went into some stores too.

I went for a lot of walks. When it was hot out I would go at night so my paws didn’t get burnt. My favourite place to walk is around the Lagoons near our house. We went for a big walk along the river and I think the grass and water made my tummy feel yucky. I threw up a few times and mom gave me pumpkin. I love that stuff and it made my tummy feel better.

Also, my best friend’s mom had a birthday and we all went to a restaurant.
I went to a paddleboard store too. I liked standing under the clothes. I wanted to show mom I was not afraid of standing on something with wheels.

Our classes have been fun too because when we go there, I get to see other dogs and my sister too. Her name is Parker and we are the oldest ones there now. The other dogs are younger. Sometimes I get bored in class now because I have done everything, but I still need to practise. That’s what my raisers say. They don’t want me to forget my training. So I still do it until it’s time for me to go.

Submitted by: Monika Dunphy