Is March over already? Wow, I’ve been so busy this month, continuing to keep up on my classes. I really learn fast cause that’s what my Humans say. I’ve gotten really good at staying put while my human is working and getting up to do stuff. She works from home & I like that. She still gives me attention and training all at the same time. I’m also growing lots too. I’ve lost some teeth and growing some new ones. 

I’ve gone for hikes around a lake. I did dip my paw in the water, but it was still too cold for me. I love walking on trails and seeing all the other dogs that come by. Those little dogs sure are yappy. I also love walking around the Lagoon near my place. Lots of birds there. But I don’t care about them. My humans even let me run around a few times without the leash, and they are so proud of me because I come back to them right away. 

My humans took me to a hockey game. We got to go on the sky train, stand in a long lineup and walk with so many other humans around the place. So many people wanted to touch me. I’m glad they didn’t. The hockey game was so loud, but that’s ok. I just sometimes went to sleep. I smelled so much food there too. I also got to get my eyes checked and see so many other dogs that look just like me. I did really good, and my eyes are perfect. 

Well, that’s all for now. Bye, Love Nat

Submitted by: Nat