For the first 13 days of this month, I was with 2 sitters as my raisers were on vacation. After they picked me up I showed them how much I missed them but also had fun while they were away.

I continued with my classes and we did one where I could see my other friends and show my great skills. I am learning new things as well as keeping up with what I have been learning. I can roll left from a laydown but still try to do the other side. I can sit and lay for a long time but standing for too long, we are working on that. Laying with my chin down, I’m still practising.

I went on walks in the neighbourhood, went to the grocery store, and also went to a Home Show. I was so good there. I am getting pretty good at going to those kinds of places because my raisers sure like to stop a lot and talk to people. I’ve become very patient. People really love me too. They say good things.

Submitted by: Monika Dunphy