Hey, it’s me, Nat. Wow, did May go by fast? Maybe it’s because so much has happened this month. My humans went on a vacation for 12 days, and I got to be with some nice people who took care of me. So before they left, I went to a Home Show. There were so many people there. I got to ride in a golf cart too. That was fun. I got to walk around and see lots of stuff. The ground smelled so good too. I did pretty good there. My humans stopped at a lot of places there. So I would just sit and wait. 

A couple days after I got picked up from the sitter, I went to a wedding. It was outside, and I was happy about that. I love that fresh air. There was this strange smell of animals I had never smelled before. My humans say they were called Bison. 

While my humans had food, I sometimes slept under the table. I was told I did really good. Lots of people were taking my picture and saying I was so good. Another day I went to a river because it was hot out. I am starting to like water a little bit more. This time I walked more in it. I even drank some too. 

I also did some volunteering too. I went to the Port Coquitlam Pet Election, and I met some other PADS dogs from far away. They were older than me. There were people there who got to know all about PADS, from another lady who talked about what me and my friends do. That was so fun & I even learned some stuff too. 

My training is still going on, and I am getting so good at stuff. Also learning new things still too. I really love doing the Perch. That’s my favorite besides getting food. I have some pictures of what I did this month. 

I am tired now; that was a lot of stuff I did. Good bye. 

Submitted by: Monika Dunphy