So May has been a good month for me.

I went out for a lot more walks and still did a lot of stores too. My favourite walk is by the lagoons near our place. I get to see so many other dogs but I am getting good at leaving them alone unless mum & dad say it’s ok and the other dog’s parents say it’s ok too.

I went to a restaurant to celebrate a birthday and I was very good. Mum & dad say I’ve gotten so much better now. I left everyone alone and stayed under the table.

My raisers went away for 6 days and I got to be with a couple of different sitters. I think it’s always nice to get away from people and do different things.

My best friend came to stay with us for a few days while her mom & dad went away. She’s just a regular dog that I see every week. We had so much fun together. I’ve known Athena since I was 8 weeks old. She is so calm and taught me to be calm too. (hahahaha)

We also took in a PADS dog to sit. She came at the end of the month so I will tell you next month how that went. But from the first 2 days she was here, I liked having another dog around to walk and play with. Her name is Clementine.

Submitted by: Monika Dunphy