So I gotta say, September started out with me seeing my first bear. I didn’t care to get near him. I could smell this was not an animal to get close to.

I met a new friend. Her name is Valentine and we got to walk together. For an old(er) girl she sure had a lot of energy. I went to a bunch of breweries for a celebration. One even had a picture of a dog that looked like one of my relatives. Kinda cute too. I did really good, listened, followed what I was supposed to do and even got some treats. After a few places I got very tired and wanted to go home. My humans saw that too and took me home.

And because this month was so nice and hot, I went into the water a lot. Not swimming yet but I like to get my feet wet, sometimes up to my tummy. I did lots more training with my humans this month. Lots of it was done outside because it was so nice. Lots of walks around different places. Mostly around my house. We’re working on my off leash, coming to my human’s side & sitting down and not jumping on other people or dogs. I don’t jump up to other dogs now. I wait till my human’s say it’s ok to say hi. I’m still learning not to jump up on people. I’m so good walking on the leash, past other dogs and humans and not doing anything. I look but that’s all. I can walk by screaming kids and ignore them.

I had my evaluation and I did so good. At least that’s what I heard them say. I had a couple outside classes and those are so fun. I love seeing all the other dogs doing the same thing as me. Oh and I’m going to be 1 year old soon!

Submitted by: Monika Dunphy