This month I finished my heat. YAY! We’re all so happy about that. My family took me to the river to cool down, since I have not been out like that in so long due to my being in heat. It was so nice to get out, but I had to stay away from other dogs.

They also took me to a coffee shop, but we stayed outside & watched the world go by. My family forgot to bring treats even though I was so good. But they gave me yummy treats when we got home.

So as I stated last month, I have some exciting news to share. Back in June, I mentioned that I was chosen to be part of the PADS Breeding program. As of the middle of this month, I have joined another family to start my new journey in this program. I feel very special & honoured to be chosen for this and bring in some very special puppies who will train to be Service Dogs.

I will miss my raiser family but I know I may sometimes get to see them.  Bye for now and look for some exciting news in the future of up-and-coming puppies!

Submitted by: Monika Dunphy