WOWEE I have had a whirl-wind few months! I’ve had a lot of fun camping, hiking, gardening and running around with my new cat-sister! Nikia and Sarah took me in right when they BOTH had just made huge job changes, but I am such a star and settled into Nikia’s work so fast, they hired me on the spot! Now I spend the day laying on my hammock bed, with my own cooling fan, chilled water and a view of the creek from my bed! I’ve gotten to go play in the ocean, hike up mountains, run around with new dog friends and be my rockstar self. I love DOING things, whether its a grocery shop or a hike or playing upside down on the floor with my toys. My favourite skill to offer right now is BOW, I get a nice stretch out of it too and usually do it when I want attention or am excited. I’m still not sure sometimes when I have to go in my crate even though they are still home. I’m such a good boy that I am not in the way, but I do need to work on hanging out in my kennel and not being involved in everything all the time. I can hang out on my bed for hours but I really like being able to SEE my people!

Submitted by: Nikia and Sarah