This month Norquay took some time to check in on all the skills he’s learned and what else he might need to learn. He sure has learned a lot! Norquay finds that there’s always lots to learn and practice, so when it’s time to rest, Norquay naps hard. All the other pups know he is the best cuddle buddy! Norquay is working on refining skills like his “Go In” and making sure he stops at his handler’s side when they stop. He sometimes likes to drift a bit forward to get in front to make eye contact and get some cookies! He is starting to get the hang of staying in place and letting the cookies come to him. Norquay is playing it slow and steady and doing his best!

  • Skills being learned: Front and “Go-In”
  • Recent field trips: Lougheed Mall, Royal City Mall in the Burnaby area, a middle school in Port Coquitlam, Mission Hill Winery in the Okanagan
  • Things we are working on: Engagement with handler when there are distractions around
  • Advanced training location: West Coast

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Norquay!

Submitted by: Juniper, Instructor’s Assistant