Meet sweet Nova III! She is adorable and smart, and I love her to pieces.

Nova joins us all the way from Maryland, USA, from a service dog organization called Hero Dogs, Inc. Her papa is our very own PADS Queso. She made sure to bring her enthusiasm, fun energy, and joy – and makes a point of putting all those lovely traits into everything she does.

Nova is a quick learner, LOVES a good tug session, and has been working hard at all things puppy. We had a few outings to the grocery store, the gym, and the parking lot at the local dog park, where we got to watch the parade of dogs from the hatchback of the car. She even lost her two front teeth while here!

Nova is going to be meeting her raisers at the beginning of May, and I do not doubt that she will win them over in a heartbeat and continue on her path to puppy superstardom. Go, Nova, Go!!!

Submitted by: Kailea