Nova III soaked up every last possible moment of sunshine this month before the rain hit. We are thankful to live close to the lake and many forested, off-leash hikes. Nova absolutely adores the waves at the lake. Oddly, the bigger they are, the more eager she gets about going to them.

It was also back to school this month for Nova III as we are both teachers. It was excellent to have this routine back in our lives as it offers way more spontaneous training opportunities and things to work through. Many students have commented on how much she has grown (so true!) and how far she has come. She is learning to settle well in loud classrooms and starting to understand the boundaries between her and tiny humans. After a long day of school, Nova loves to zoom zoom zoom with her toy donut in her mouth or go for a good long sniff.

We so love having Nova in our lives and can’t wait for her to meet the lil nug (future human bestie) in just a couple of weeks. She loves to snuggle the belly and feel the kicks!

Submitted by: Caleb Vanderleek & Ryleigh Jacobs