I had a wonderful summer exploring the mountains, kayaking and hiking. I also went to movies, and restaurants, and did lots of shopping! I am learning how to do leash-guided sits, stands and downs. We do loose leash walking every day and my puppy raisers say I am doing a great job.

I am almost one year old and am finding other dogs more interesting so the puppy raisers have been helping me to learn that I don’t need to visit with every other dog I see. This is difficult but I am trying my very best to ignore other dogs when I am on my walks.

I have also been going to the office a lot with my puppy raiser – I find it very boring so I usually just sleep through her meetings. 🙂 My puppy raisers say I continue to be the bestest of boys! Here are some photos of me on my adventures.

Submitted by: Hayley Saunders