September was a very special month for me as I turned 1! The humans made me a cake made out of yams and peanut butter – it was delicious! I also got to attend a golf tournament supporting PADS and while my humans golfed a very nice puppy sitter looked after me. I visited work with my human and did some shopping. I even visited some scary decorations at Home Depot but I wasn’t frightened at all! My humans also took me to the vet this month where I had a little sleep and woke up a bit groggy. The humans said the word “noo-ter” but all I know is that I woke up feeling like a part of me was missing. 🙂 All is good though, the staff at the McLoed Trail Vet Clinic were lovely and took such good care of me! The humans still say I am the bestest of boys!

Submitted by: Hayley Saunders