October has been a month of many new experiences, including 2 stays at my sitters while my mum was away for work. I think I like my sitters a lot. They have big fenced yards where I can go run and stretch my growing long legs.

I got to attend a funeral this month with one of my sitters who works for the RCMP. I was told it was a long day of transit via a bus. The transit was so exhausting that I slept during the entire funeral ceremony.

I also went to a few shopping malls this month: Lougheed Mall, Walmart, and Save On Foods. Lastly, I went to a vaccination site with my mum for her to get her Flu and booster shot. There were so many people staring at me. They all said how cute and well-behaved I was. Oh well, my mum had all the best treats, including milk bone and beef liver, so I stayed really close to her during the entire experience. 

Submitted by: Sophie Ngo