WELL—-Panther continues to be an eager, smart, loving wee girl. The highlight of this month was a trip to visit the Vancouver Police Horse stables to see how she would react around these very large, strange animals. This was no problem for Panther—she walked among them without hesitation and was able to walk past horse poop, as well. She walks regularly on the promenade in White rock and Cresent Beach. She is a bit wary of the train whistles, but she can keep her cool with encouragement and support.

She learns new skills with ease and needs to be encouraged gently when she becomes a bit confused. She loves it when Compass visits for a while before returning to Nicole, and playtimes together at the dog park are amazing fun.

We have met a “dog walker” at Blackie Spit dog park who has wonderful dogs with her. When I have Panther on a Friday==she is allowed to spend time in the park after going over some of her skills. Her recall at the dog park is truly amazing.

Loving raising this wee girl.

**The photo is Panther with her buddy, Compass—-taken by Trainer Nicole

Submitted by: Shirley